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People try to find a website in Bangladesh that provides all kinds of information for Commercial Vehicles, Cars , Motorbikes  including all specifications, price, showroom, brand etc.

For the solution of problem, we have created this website called Pickup Zone. We have been discussing every product of each of the commercial vehicles brands of the latest updates.

So, all the Bangladeshi customers and users are getting the proper benefit from this website .

Pickup Zone has been created for giving maximum benefits to the people.

Why Choose Us

Pickup Zone site provides detailed discussion, reviews, update news, specification, and price of each of the models of various brands of Truck-pickup/ Commercial Vehicle, cars and Motorcycles.

Reviews and Dealer address of each model are presented in such a way that you can compare one model to another.

Our services

jac pickup price in bangladesh
New Commercial Pickup

New commercial vehicle information is available here. We provide all the info about new pickup.

used vehicle

We provide some videos through youtube for used vehicle.

maruti suzuki alto
New car

New car information is available here.


Tyre information is available here.

Body Building

Body Building service is available.

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Bike info

Bike information is available in this site.