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Ashok Leyland Partner 1.5 ton

Ashok Leyland Partner 1.5 ton

Overview of Ashok Leyland Partner 1.5 ton

Basically, Ashok Leyland commercials are imported by Ifad Autos Ltd. The 1.5-ton Ashok Leyland Partner is a light commercial vehicle (LCV) that can be used for a range of tasks, including construction, agricultural, and freight transportation. A ZD30 DDTi engine that generates 118 horsepower and 320 Nm of torque powers it. The 5-speed manual transmission is connected to the engine.

The 1.5 ton Ashok Leyland Partner LCV is a dependable and effective LCV that is suitable for a wide range of applications. Businesses that require a dependable and affordable method of cargo transportation should consider it. The Partner 1.5 ton has a payload capacity of 3,760 kilograms and a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 6,250 kilograms. It has a fuel efficiency of 8.5 kmpl.

Ashok Leyland 1.5 ton pickup price in Bangladesh

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Some of Good sides of Ashok Leyland Partner 1.5 ton

  • A 1.5-liter iGen4 engine that produces 105 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque powers the Partner 1.5 ton. This engine is renowned for using little fuel.
  • Comfortable interior: The Partner 1.5 ton boasts a roomy interior that is furnished with amenities including air conditioning, power steering, and a steering wheel with tilt adjustment. The cabin is roomy and can fit two persons without difficulty.
  • The Partner 1.5 ton has a good payload capacity of 1,500 kg, which makes it perfect for moving products and goods.
  • Reliable and tough: The 1.5 ton Partner truck is a tough, long-lasting truck.

1.5 ton Ashok Leyland Partner has additional benefits

  • Modern styling: The Partner 1.5 ton features a contemporary styling that is very practical. The vehicle comes in a range of colors and can be modified to match the particular requirements of businesses.
  • Low upkeep costs: The Partner 1.5 ton is a truck that requires little maintenance. The truck also has a variety of technologies that help to increase fuel efficiency, which can ultimately save organizations money.
  • Excellent resale value: The 1.5 ton Ashok Leyland Partner is a wise investment that holds its worth well. In the event that a company decides to modernize later, it can sell the truck for a profit.

Bad sides of Ashok Leyland Partner 1.5 ton

  • Low fuel efficiency: For a pickup truck, the Partner 1.5 ton averages 8.5 km per liter, which is not very good. If you do a lot of driving, this could be a serious disadvantage.
  • Poor construction: The Partner 1.5 tons is not well renowned for its construction. The engine, the electrical system, and the bodywork have all been cited as having issues by several owners.
  • The Partner 1.5 ton has few features and is not very well-equipped. Many equipment that come as standard on other pickup trucks, like air conditioning, power windows, and power steering, are absent from this vehicle.
  • High maintenance costs: Upkeep on the Partner 1.5 tons might be pricey. The labor costs can be significant and the parts are not quite inexpensive.

Key Features of Ashok Leyland Partner 1.5 ton

  1. General Feature:
  • Powered by a 118HP, 4-cylinder, 3L turbocharged intercooler engine.
  • Features a 12ft long robust load body.
  • Equipped with tiltable power steering.
  • Fitted with bigger tires and heavy-duty wheel rims.
  1. Unique Feature:
  • Allows 24-hour entry into Dhaka City.
  • Provides faster pick-up and flat torque.
  • Includes a cable shift gear.
  • Utilizes parabolic suspension for car-like comfort.
  • Equipped with load sensing valve and hydraulic vacuum-assisted booster.
  1. Performance and Profitability Feature:
  • Achieves 10+ km per liter fuel efficiency.
  • Offers a payload capacity of 1495kg.
  • Ensures lower maintenance costs.

The Ashok Leyland Partner 1.5 ton is an excellent alternative to take into consideration if you’re seeking for a dependable and effective light commercial vehicle. The truck has a lot of benefits that make it a suitable option for businesses, including its strong and efficient engine, cozy cabin, good payload capacity, dependable and durable construction, contemporary design, minimal maintenance costs, and good resale value.