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Atlis Truck Price Starting at $45,000

Overview of Atlis Truck

The price of Atlis Motor Vehicles’ forthcoming XT electric pickup truck has been revealed. The entry-level model will cost $45,000 and include a 125 kWh battery pack and 300-mile range. The starting price for the mid-range vehicle, which has a 175 kWh battery pack and a 400-mile range, is $58,000. The most expensive model will start at $69,000 and have a 250 kWh battery pack and 500-mile range.

Full-size pickup trucks like the Ford F-150, Chevrolet Silverado, and Ram 1500 will have to contend with the Atlis XT. With a sloping front end, a sizable cargo bed, and four-wheel drive, it has a distinctive look. Additionally, the XT is anticipated to include a variety of features not found on other electric pickup trucks, like a built-in generator and a solar roof.

Although Atlis is a young business, it has garnered more than $100 million in capital and employs a group of skilled engineers and designers. The XT will start to be produced by the company in 2023.

A table that summarizes the pricing for the Atlis XT

ModelBattery SizeRangePrice
XT Base125 kWh300 miles$45,000
XT Mid-Range175 kWh400 miles$58,000
XT Top-of-the-Line250 kWh500 miles$69,000

A potential new electric pickup truck called the Atlis XT offers a variety of characteristics not found on other electric vehicles right now. In addition, the $45,000 beginning price is reasonable compared to those of other full-size pickup trucks. The XT might be a significant contender in the electric truck market if Atlis is able to live up to its claims.