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eicher 1075 details

A light and medium truck with a GVW of 7450 kg is the Eicher Pro 1075. It has the greatest rated payload, fastest travels, and best in class fuel economy.

An effective engine with a turbocharger and intercooler is the E483 4 Cyl TCI. It has four cylinders, has a 3298 cc displacement, and produces 110 PS and 285 Nm of torque. It has a 5-speed transmission and delivers dependable performance. The car’s official payload capacity is 3 tons, and its gross vehicle weight is 7450 kg, however it has an unofficial load capability of almost 7.5 tons. It offers adaptability for varying freight requirements thanks to its multiple wheelbase and body length choices. Overall, it is a reliable and strong vehicle for moving huge objects.

Good and Bad sides of the Eicher Pro 1075 truck

Good sides

  • engine that uses less fuel
  • increased cargo capacity
  • long-lasting design
  • an inviting cottage
  • several different bodily types
  • good post-purchase support

Bad sides

  • High cost
  • moderate acceleration
  • poor fuel efficiency when driving in cities
  • No available automatic transmission
  • with a small dealer network

eicher 1075 specification

  1. Engine: E483 4 Cyl TCI
    • Type: Turbocharger with Intercooler for BSIII and E483 4 Cylinder CRS
  2. Cylinder/Displacement: 4 Cylinder/3298 cc
  3. Max Power: 110 PS @ 2800 RPM
  4. Max Torque: 285 Nm @ 1440 rpm
  5. Gearbox: ET 40 S5, 5 Speed (5 forward, 1 reverse)
  6. Fuel Tank Capacity: 100 Litres
  7. Tyre: 7.50 X 16 – 16PR
  8. Wheelbase: 3515/3765/4065 mm
  9. Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW): 7450 Kg
  10. Body Length:
    • 3515mm / 14.1ft
    • 3765mm / 16.2ft
    • 4065mm / 17.6ft
  11. Official Payload Capacity: 3 Ton
  12. Unofficial Load Capacity (as per market): 7.5 Ton +-2 Ton

Please note that the specifications are listed in the order provided, but you can rearrange them as per your preference.

People also ask

eicher 1075 mileage

The broad-level estimated mileage for the Eicher Pro 1075 is between 7.5 and 8.5 KMPL*.

eicher 1075 load capacity

10 ton approx according to Bangladesh market

eicher 1075 gvw

7450 KG

eicher pro 1075 fuel tank capacity


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