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mahindra torro 25 price in bangladesh

Mahindra Torro 25 price

Mahindra Torro 25 price in Bangladesh

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Overview of Mahindra Torro 25

The Mahindra Torro 25 stands out as one of India’s premier All Terrain Trucks. Boasting a potent engine, substantial load capacity, attractive exterior, comfortable interior, and low maintenance costs, it has captured the admiration of countless customers nationwide.

Safety is a priority with Mahindra, evident in the robust 255 chassis, surpassing rivals in its class. Powered by the renowned m-Power 7.2 Liter TCIC BSIII engine, it delivers an impressive 202 hp at 2200 rpm and a formidable peak torque of 920 Nm at 1250 rpm. This makes it an excellent choice for mountainous terrain transportation. Paired with an Eaton 9-speed (8F + 1R + 1 Crawler) manual synchromesh gearbox, the truck can reach a top speed of 74.5 km/h, with an exceptional 44% gradeability.

The ladder-type uniform C-Section chassis frame ensures both comfort and safety, with full air S-Cam brakes employing a 10-bar system for effective braking on any terrain. The 250-liter fuel tank capacity and two 12-volt batteries make it an ideal choice for mid-range journeys. When it comes to suspension, the inverted Leaf Bogie Type system with Semi-Elliptical leaf spring is available as an option. With an extra heavy-duty forged I-beam reverse Elliot type front axle and tandem banjo-type single reduction, fully floating rear axle shafts, this truck provides a smooth drive even at its full Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of 25,000 kg.

Mahindra Torro 25 Specifications

The Mahindra Torro 25 is a versatile and robust heavy-duty truck designed for various commercial applications. With its impressive specifications and features, the Torro 25 is a reliable choice for transportation needs.

Variants: The Mahindra Torro 25 is available in the Tipper variant.

GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight): The Torro 25 has a substantial GVW of 25,000 kilograms, making it suitable for heavy-duty cargo transport.

Engine: It is equipped with a powerful m-POWER 7.2-liter TCIC BSIII engine, delivering a maximum power of 151 kW (202 HP) at 2200 RPM.

Max. Torque: The truck boasts an impressive maximum torque of 920 Nm at 1250 RPM, ensuring excellent performance under heavy loads.

Gear Box: The Torro 25 features a reliable Eaton 9-speed gearbox with manual synchromesh, providing 8 forward gears, 1 crawler gear, and 1 reverse gear.

Clutch: It comes with a diaphragm-type single plate dry clutch with a diameter of 395 mm.

Max. Geared Speed: The maximum geared speed of the Torro 25 is 74.5 kmph, allowing for efficient highway cruising.

Gradeability: With a remarkable 44% gradeability (Fly Start), this truck can handle challenging terrains with ease.

Chassis Frame: The chassis frame is a ladder type with a uniform C-section, measuring 285 mm x 70 mm x 8.5 mm.

Brakes: The Torro 25 is equipped with full air S-cam brakes with a 10 Bar system, ensuring reliable stopping power.

Fuel Tank: It features a spacious 250-liter fuel tank to support long-distance journeys without frequent refueling.

Wheel & Tyres: The truck comes with 10*20-16 PR wheel and tire configuration for stability and durability.

System Voltage: The electrical system operates at 24 volts.

Rear Suspension: The Torro 25 is equipped with an inverted leaf bogie-type suspension for enhanced ride comfort.

Front Axle: It features an extra heavy-duty forged I-beam reverse Elliot type front axle.

Rear Axle: The rear axle is a tandem, banjo type with single reduction and fully floating axle shafts, with a RAR ratio of 6.17:1.

Tipping Body Size: This truck is available with a variety of tipping body sizes, including 14, 16, and 20 cubic meters for box body and 14 and 16 cubic meters for rock body.

Min. Ground Clearance: With a minimum ground clearance of 250 mm, the Torro 25 can navigate rough terrain without difficulty.

Min. Turning Radius: It has a minimum turning radius of 8800 mm, ensuring maneuverability in tight spaces.

Steering: The truck is equipped with tilt and telescopic power steering for ease of handling.

Air Conditioning: Optional air conditioning is available for the driver’s comfort during long journeys.

In summary, the Mahindra Torro 25 is a heavy-duty truck built to handle demanding transportation tasks with its powerful engine, robust chassis, and a range of features designed for driver comfort and safety. It offers versatility and reliability, making it a valuable asset for businesses in need of a capable and dependable heavy-duty truck.

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