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ford f150 lightning

ford f150 lightning

ford f150 lightning pickup has 573 hp and 775 lb-ft of torque, with acceleration power.
Officially The Ford reports the EV truck can hit 0 to 60 mph in less than 4.5 seconds with a top speed of 110 mph.

About battery last for Ford Lightning:
Ford authority claims that the F-150 Lightning will offer up to 300 miles of range with the Extended Range battery and 230 miles on the Standard Range pack.

Charging cost On average, at-home charging a standard model Ford Lightning costs around $13.91.

ford F-150 lightning specifications​

  • Starting at $39,974  (According to Ford official page)
    Dual eMotor all-electric powertrain with standard four-wheel drive, Standard-Range Battery (426 HP / 775 LB-FT TQ) or Extended-Range Battery (563 HP / 775 LB-FT TQ)
  • Targeted EPA-estimated EV Range of up to 230 Miles (Standard-Range Battery) and 320 Miles (Extended-Range Battery) with Level 2/Level 3 Fast-Charging Capabilities
  • Targeted 10,000-pound Max Towing Capacity and 2,000-pounds Max Payload Capacity
  • Available SYNC® 4A Technology with 15.5-inch Portrait Touchscreen Display featuring Cloud-Based Connectivity and Connected Navigation
  • Optional Ford Intelligent Backup Power System
  • Mega Power Frunk including four Pro Power Onboard 120V Outlets and 14.1 additional cubic feet of cargo storage
  • Ford Co-Pilot360™ 2.0 suite of driver-assistive safety technologie