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FUSO FI1214R- 8 tonne truck

The 8 tonne truck features a manual transmission with six speeds and hydraulic steering for optimal handling. The braking system includes full air, S-Cam, dual circuit air, spring actuated pneumatically operated with a handbrake valve.

The dimensions and weights of the vehicle are :
wheelbase is 4250 mm, total length is 7,465 mm, and overall width is 2,225 mm. total height of the vehicle is 2,495 mm, and it can bear three passengers. Load capacity of the vehicle is 8,200 kg, and GVW is 11,990 kg. The fuel tank capacity is 160/200 liters, depending on the optional configuration.

Overall, the Daimler Technology Motor is a reliable and robust engine that provides excellent performance, while the transmission and handling system allows for smooth and effortless driving.
The vehicle makes it ideal for heavy-duty hauling and transportation purposes.