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Fuso Truck-FUSO FJ1623R

Fuso Truck-FUSO FJ1623R

Fuso truck is a powerful truck according to the technology developed by Japan.

The Daimler Technology Motor is a powerful engine with a Type 6S20, 6.37L Turbo Diesel CDI, providing a displacement of 6,370 CC. This engine is capable to produce power up to 228 HP at 2,200 RPM, And torque of 810 Nm between 1,200 to 1,600 RPM.

The transmission and handling of the fuso truck is handled by a 6-speed manual mechanics, which allows for a smooth and efficient gear shift. The address type of the vehicle is hydraulics, which offers precise and easy handling of the truck. The brakes are dual circuit air, with front and rear drums, spring actuated pneumatically operated with handbrake valve, providing efficient braking performance.

The vehicle wheelbase is 5,100 and an overall length is 9,060, with an overall width is 2,490 and a total height is 2,980.

The vehicle has a passenger capacity of 3 and a load capacity of 9850 Kg, with GVW is 16,000 Kg. The fuel tank capacity is 255L, ensuring a long and uninterrupted journey.

Finally, the Daimler Technology Motor offers a powerful engine, efficient handling, and a sturdy build, making it an ideal vehicle for heavy-duty transport.