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tata 1613 price

TATA 1613 truck price in Bangladesh

tata 1613 truck price in bangladesh is not stable now so call us or knock on whatsapp.

Tata Motors new addition to the commercial vehicle category is the most fuel-efficient truck TATA LPT 1613 KING, which will give you more mileage with more performance. Choose your preferred vehicle from multiple wheelbases and body options, which makes it easier to carry more loads and generate business profits.
The Features-
1) More fuel efficient than any truck in this category
2) The vehicle weight much less when empty – So you can carry more goods
3) Reliable parts
4) Radial tires which is more strong for over load.
Nitol Motors ltd gives you the highest facility of service and spare parts. The Company have the largest service and spare parts network in Bangladesh.

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