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Water Bottle Carrier

Water Bottle Carrier

  1. Engine Type: Indirect Injection Diesel Engine
  2. Number of Cylinders/Displacement: 2 cylinders/702 cc
  3. Maximum Power: 16 PS @3200 RPM
  4. Maximum Torque: 38 Nm @2000 RPM
  5. Gearbox: GBS 65-4/6.31
  6. Fuel Tank Capacity: 30 Litres
  7. Tyre Size: 145 R12 LT 8PR RADIAL
  8. Wheelbase: 2100 mm
  9. Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW): 1550 Kg

The TATA 275 IDI engine has two cylinders, a 702cc displacement, and is a compact but potent diesel engine. It has an indirect injection system, which enhances fuel economy and reduces pollutants. This engine has excellent performance for its size with a maximum power output of 16 PS at 3200 RPM and a maximum torque of 38 Nm at 2000 RPM.

A GBS 65-4/6.31 gearbox, which provides smooth shifting and effective power delivery, is mated to the engine. It has a 30-litre gasoline tank, which gives it enough range for lengthy trips. The car has 145 R12 LT 8PR RADIAL tires, which provide outstanding traction and stability on a variety of surfaces.

The vehicle’s 2100mm wheelbase ensures a secure and pleasant ride. The TATA 275 IDI is a strong and dependable vehicle with a GVW of 1550 kg that may be used for a range of commercial applications.