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Runner Freedom Pickup 0.75 ton

Runner Freedom Pickup 0.75 ton

Overview of Runner Freedom Pickup 0.75 ton

The Runner Freedom Pickup 0.75 Ton is a versatile truck with safety features like Roll Over Stability Control and Lane Departure Control. It’s powered by a QC480Q 4-cylinder diesel engine, offering 1809 CC displacement and 39 HP power. The cargo box measures L 8.20′ x W 4.95′, with a suggested payload of 0.75 ton. The cabin seats two people, and the truck has a curb weight of 1160 kg and a load weight capacity of 750 kg. It features a hydraulic drum brake system, 5+1 speed manual gearshift, and 215mm clutch size. The truck rides on 6.00R13 tires, has a wheelbase of 7.64 feet, and a Gross Vehicle Weight (G.V.W) of 1910 kg, making it suitable for various hauling needs.

Specification of Runner Freedom Pickup 0.75 ton

  1. Payload Suggestion: 0.75 ton
  2. Engine Type: 4-cylinder Diesel
  3. Displacement: 1809 CC
  4. Rated Power: 39 HP
  5. Cargo Box Size: Length 8.20′ x Width 4.95′
  6. Cabin Seats: 2
  7. Curb Weight: 1160 Kg
  8. Load Weight: 750 Kg
  9. Gross Vehicle Weight (G.V.W): 1910 Kg
  10. Wheel Base: 7.64 feet (mm conversion: approximately 2330 mm)
  11. Brake System: Hydraulic Drum Type
  12. Clutch Size: 215mm
  13. Gearshift: 5+1 speed Manual
  14. Tyre Size: 6.00R13