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suzuki alto k10 price in bangladesh

suzuki alto k10 price in bangladesh

The anticipated release of the 2024 Suzuki Alto K10 hatchback in Bangladesh has not yet been confirmed, so its price remains unknown. Equipped with a K10C engine, the vehicle is expected to generate 65.71bhp@5500rpm horsepower and 89nm@3500rpm torque, along with a 5-speed automatic transmission that drives the front wheels. The information currently available is unofficial, but official specifications, features, and pricing for the Suzuki Alto K10 in Bangladesh will be disclosed following its launch, which is projected to occur in November 2023. You can compare the Suzuki Alto K10 2024’s specifications and features with up to three other products, in addition to checking its most up-to-date pricing.

Positive Reviews

  • High performance – The K10C motor has sufficient power to maintain the motion.
  • A good city runabout because of its simple controls, brisk motor, and size.
  • Usable boot – There is little intrusion into the 214-liter flat and useable boot box.
  • Quality levels – At this pricing point, both quality and fit/finish are acceptable.
  • Maruti’s broad sales, service, and parts network and high resale value serve as a brand advantage.

    Negative Reviews

    • not enough room for three in the back
    • Many comfort amenities are absent
    • less useful storage for travellers in the back
    • Better engine refining is possible.

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