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Benz Truck Price

Benz Truck Price

About Benz truck price in Australia

In Australia, the cost of a Benz truck varies according to the model, year, mileage, and condition. The Atego 815 rigid truck, with a starting price of AUD $120,000, is the least expensive Mercedes-Benz truck available in Australia. The Actros GigaSpace, with a starting price of AUD $350,000, is the priciest Mercedes-Benz truck available.

Some Australian Mercedes-Benz truck prices:

AUD $120,000 for an Atego 815 rigid truck.
AUD $140,000 for an Atego 1222 rigid truck.
Prime mover for Actros 2536: AUD $220,000
Prime Mover for Actros 2653: AUD $250,000.
Prime mover for Actros GigaSpace: AUD $350,000

In Australia, you may buy secondhand Mercedes-Benz trucks for less money. In Australia, a secondhand Mercedes-Benz truck costs, on average, $150,000 AUD.

The features you select will also affect the cost of a Benz truck. For instance, a truck with a luxurious interior and several safety measures will cost more than one with a simple interior and fewer features.

It’s crucial to compare prices from different dealerships if you’re thinking about purchasing a Benz vehicle in order to obtain the greatest deal. You could also think about financing options to lower the cost of the purchase.

Some recommendations for purchasing a Mercedes truck in Australia:

  • Do your homework and evaluate the costs offered by various dealerships.
  • Obtain finance estimates from various lenders.
  • To save money, think about purchasing a secondhand truck.
  • Discuss the truck’s cost with the seller.
  • Before you buy the truck, get it inspected by a professional.