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Foton Dump Truck 3.8 CBM

Foton Dump Truck 3.8 CBM

Overview of Foton Dump Truck 3.8 CBM

One of the top car firms in Bangladesh, ACI Motors, imports and distributes the Foton Dump Truck 3.8 CBM there. The truck is available for immediate purchase and for monthly installments.

The Foton Dump Truck 3.8 CBM is a small to medium-sized dump truck that is perfect for use in mining, construction, and other situations that call for a mobile vehicle. It is propelled by a dependable Cummins engine that delivers exceptional performance and fuel efficiency. The truck also has a strong powertrain, a roomy and comfortable cab, and a sturdy suspension that can handle rough terrain.

Key features of the Foton Dump Truck 3.8 CBM

  • an effective Cummins engine
  • cab that is comfortable and roomy
  • effective transmission
  • dependable suspension
  • economical use of gasoline
  • 3.8 tons of payload potential

Specifications of Foton Dump Truck 3.8 CBM

Brand: FOTON
Market Brand: Aumark Tipper
Product Model: BJ1075VDJEA-DP

  • Cabin Classification: A1995R (1995mm)
  • Cabin Type: Single row seat, Tiltable
  • Left/Right Standard Rudder: Right

Complete Vehicle Main Dimensions:

  • Overall Dimensions (LxWxH)mm: 5425x2250x2350
  • Inner Dimensions of the Tipper Body (LxWxH)mm: 3200x2000x600
  • Wheel Track (Front/Rear) (mm): 1685/1615
  • Wheelbase (mm): 2800

Complete Vehicle Weight Parameters:

  • Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) (kg): 8200
  • Curb Weight (kg): 4150
  • Rated Payload (kg): 4050
  • Persons in Cab (person): 3

Complete Vehicle Performance Parameters:

  • Max. Speed (km/h): 95
  • Max. Slope of Climb (percent): 40
  • Fuel Consumption (L/100km): 14
  • Min. Turning Diameter (m): 14
  • Min. Ground Clearance (mm): 190

Lift Type: T type

  • Max Lift Angle: 52


  • Engine Model: Cummins F3.8s3141
  • Engine Type: Vertical, In-line, Water-cooling, Four-stroke, Turbocharging
  • Displacement (L): 3.76
  • Rated Power (kw/rpm): 105/2600
  • Max Torque (N.m/rpm): 450/1200-2200
  • Emission Standard: Euro III


  • Transmission Model: 6TS55
  • Transmission Ratio: R-1-3-5 || 2-4-6
  • PTO Port (Y/N): I:5.513, II:3.417, III:2.115, IV:1.381, V:1.000, VI:0.795, R:5.128
  • Transmission Supplier: Wanliyang
  • Clutch Type: 325 210 Diaphragm Spring Clutch

Chassis Related Parameters:

  • Front Axle Type: Forging I Beam
  • Front Axle Ton Segment (T): 2.5t
  • Rear Axle Type: Integral Type
  • Rear Axle Ton Segment (T): 6t
  • Rear Axle Speed Ratio: 4.875
  • Tyre Type: 8.25R16
  • Tyres Quantity (pcs): 6+1
  • Steering Gear: Recirculating Ball Type
  • Steering Type: Power Steering
  • Front Overhang Type: Non-independent
  • Front Overhang Flexible Buffer Cushion Quantity (pcs): 9
  • Rear Overhang Type: Non-independent
  • Chassis: Double Layer Chassis (Reinforce)
  • Rear Overhang Flexible Buffer Cushion Quantity (pcs): 11+7

Fuel System:

  • Fuel Tank Material: Aluminum
  • Fuel Tank Volume (L): 80

Braking and System:

  • Service Brake Type: Air, Front and Rear Drum
  • Parking Brake Type: Air Brake Breaking
  • Auxiliary Brake Type: Exhaust Brake
  • ABS: x
  • Lading Sensing Pressure Proportioning Valve: x


  • Rated Voltage (V): 24V
  • Battery: 100AH*2

Product and Configuration:

  • Heater: –
  • Adjustable Steering Wheel: –
  • Multimedia Steering Wheel: x
  • Double Sun Shield: –
  • Sunroof: x
  • Battery Protecting Cover: –
  • One and a Half Row Seat: x
  • Artificial Wooden Interior: x
  • IV Class Wide-angle Lens: –
  • V Class Side Nether Sight Lens: x
  • Brake Clearance Automatic Adjustment: x
  • Air Conditioning (A/C): –
  • Power Windows: x
  • Reversing Sensor: x
  • Cruise Control: x
  • Electric Heated Rearview Mirror: x
  • Radio: –
  • AUX: –
  • MP3: –
  • CD: x
  • Multimedia: x
  • Tracking Data Recorder: x
  • Wind Deflector: x