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mitsubishi rosa bus

Mitsubishi Rosa Bus

Rangs is the sole distributor of Mitsubishi Rosa Bus and Fuso buses & Trucks. The journey to work will be comfortable  With the Mitsubishi-Fuso Rosa mini bus. This bus is reputed for comfort, economy in fuel consumption and longevity.

Overview of Mitsubishi Rosa Bus

mitsubishifuso bus features an engine with 4 Cyl. 4.9L Power, a fuel tank of 100L, and a range of handling features like independent double wishbone suspension and power-assisted steering.

Seat Arrangement as Follows:

– 30(2×1 seater (Reclining seat), 34 (2×2) seater (fixed seat), Adult seat.
– Double compressor AC
– 120 horsepower

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The best-selling mini bus for the corporate in Bangladesh is Rosa known fuso bus also. It comes in two model groups: Standard and Deluxe, with 22 or 25 , 30-34 seats capacity and manual or automatic transmission. Rosa is easy, safe, and comfortable to move people, thanks to its sophisticated and spacious finish.

Existing clients

  • BRAC
  • Incepta Pharma
  • Radiant Pharma
  • ACME
  • United Group
  • Sunnydale School
  • Daffodil University
  • and Many other reputed organizations