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Fuso Bus BM-117Turbo

Fuso Bus BM-117 Turbo

The Brand New Mitsubishi BM-117 Turbo Bus Chassis is a powerful and reliable option for passenger transportation. It boasts a turbo charged engine that delivers 220 horse power with a displacement of 7545 cc, providing ample power for any road condition. The chassis itself is a lengthy 34 feet long, making it suitable for larger groups of passengers.

This vehicle may be used for the tourist bus or the best option for the public transport bus service.

Bus price is variable so knock us for the best price.

(Only Bus Chassis will be provided )

The maximum gradability of the BM-117 Turbo Bus Chassis is an impressive 38.0%, meaning it can climb steep hills or navigate challenging terrain with ease. The engine’s torque is also notable, providing 626 Nm / 1400 rpm, further ensuring a smooth and effortless ride.

The Mitsubishi Super Frame provides a strong foundation for the chassis, ensuring the bus is dependable and long-lasting. Passengers can expect a comfortable and safe journey, as this bus is designed with passenger comfort and safety in mind. Additionally, the fuel efficient engine ensures that operating costs remain low, making it an economical option for any transportation company.

Overall, the Brand New Mitsubishi BM-117 Turbo Bus Chassis is a chronic and dependable option that offers powerful performance, comfort, and safety for passenger transportation needs.