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tata ultra ev bus

tata 26 seater bus price

Indian price:  This Model has expired

Ultra Electric 26 Seater key specs:  Fully built body, 4760mm wheelbase, 0cc displacement, 120bhp max power, 70Nm max torque.

The Tata Ultra Electric Bus is an innovative, fully electric drivetrain that operates quietly and emits zero emissions. The vehicle features a comfortable interior that can be customized to suit specific applications and regulations.

It offers a hassle-free driving experience with no need for clutch or gear shifting, reducing driver fatigue. Safety is a top priority, with the inclusion of an Intelligent Transport System (ITS) and Security Cameras. On-the-go connectivity is also provided through charging ports and a Wi-Fi hotspot. The bus is powered by a 120 bhp engine with 70 Nm torque and features next-generation telematics for efficient maintenance and tracking. Additionally, the vehicle includes a Passenger Information System with destination boards and audio announcements. The exterior has a stylized design with LED headlamps, while the interior features plush lighting. Despite its impressive features, the bus requires minimal servicing and offers excellent life-cycle costs, making it a top choice for the next generation.